Monday, January 31, 2011

The Anti New Years Resolutions

It's a good thing I didn't actually make any new years resolutions this year as I otherwise probably would not have achieved half as much as what I have this month so far.

Firstly, I didn't make any resolutions to do more blogging.  And here I am (admittedly, a couple of weeks have passed since the last post) having written more posts in a week than I did last year over the course of several months!

I didn't actually make a resolution about improving my health and fitness, exercising more, eating less crap, drinking less alcohol, skipping dessert but for some inexplicable reason I've been doing just that.  It probably helps that my hubby didn't make a resolution to do it either so of course, is doing it too.

So for this year I am not going to make any resolutions about finishing a novel (writing, not reading), nor will I promise to paint the kitchen and refurbish the vintage pantry cupboard.

Maybe I won't say anything about winning lotto either, just to see how it goes!

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