About Me and Contact

I'm a stay at home mother to three monsters gorgeous sons, Mr Paleo born 2002, Mr Maker born 2005 and Mr Comedy born 2007 and wife of a  supergeek wonderful man who is also rather geeky aka Mr Xbox.

We live in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne's outskirts with Latte, our beagle x cavalier king charles and five Isa Brown chickens.

I've worked in office administration in the music, education, public service and road industries. Most recently I had my own party plan makeup business and have also been a waitress,  Enjo consultant and an Avon Rep.

I've studied Business Administration, Music Business Management, Therapeutic Massage,  Iridology, and Makeup Artistry.

I'm currently a writer and have written two novels,  not yet published as I'm still perfecting them before I try the publishing route and work out where to go next.    My first novel is probably best described as 'chick lit' and the second along the lines of 'fantasy'.  My next idea is for a horror romance.   I'm still not sure of the genre I write as the stories are all so different,  but so far they all have some romance and some paranormal aspects to them.  I've also written a few children's stories which have been put on the back burner while I work on the novels.

My first writing was as a child when I used to write a lot of stories and poems, and spent a lot of my teenage years writing songs - I think I was emo before emos came about.   When I was about 24 I put together a cassette tape of two songs I wrote (I have no idea where it is now, I'm sure my parents have one lying around) with the music side produced by one of the members of rock band, The Angels.   Unfortunately, even with professional help, my songs basically sucked and I went back to writing stories.

My favourite authors are: Marian Keyes, JK Rowling, Stephen King, Cathy Kelly and many more.

I love indie music and films, vintage clothing and furniture, house magazines,  all sorts of food, cooking, coffee and wine.

I'm obsessed with the supernatural,  the gothic, abandoned buildings and the weird and wonderful.

I really like watching Doctor Who. 

Tidbits that may or may not be interesting

I'm 4'11" but if anyone asks I just say 5 foot.  Easier.  And taller.

I'm left handed - so coupled with the above the world does not cater to me.

I modelled a bikini in Cosmopolitan Magazine once.  The less I say about it the better it sounds so I will leave it at that!  But I guess this means  if I was to ever write 'bikini model' on a 'things I have done' list, technically  I wouldn't be lying.

I am half caucasian, half asian - Australian / Filipino.

My celebrity crush is American actor, Chris Evans.  I'm pretty sure there are a few others but he's the first to spring to mind.  Oh, and John Cusack.  And Taye Diggs.  Johnny Depp too but that's not exactly unexpected.

If you are Chris Evans or need to contact me at all, please email me

I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. I'm glad, thank you Elizabeth :)

  2. I wish you luck with your writing. And I agree--Stephen King is one of the best. Great story teller.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it!