Monday, January 3, 2011

50 lashes thanks

After much umming and ahhing (and using birthday money) I did the most awesome, antiaging, time saving thing I have done in ages.

I got my eyelashes permed.

In my now unused Buff blog here I mentioned how unruly my eyebrows are and my lashes are pretty much the same - dead straight and hard to do anything with. To get more than two minutes of curl time it takes squeezy curler, followed by mascara (waterproof works best) followed by the heated curler which is pretty dumb really when all that extra time could be spent on something useful like eyebrow preening (necessary as mentioned above) so I felt it would be a good idea to try and bypass the eyelash curling part of the routine altogether.

The procedure was fairly scary - perming solution right next to my eyes (the smell gave me 80's flashbacks) so I was wondering if it perhaps were not the smartest thing in the world to do. It was basically the same as with hair; perming solution, then equally smelly neutralizer, a thorough rinse and - ta dah! Lovely curly lashes!

Like all new perms (although I mention this grudgingly - it is showing my age and admitting to once having had a perm) the results when first seen were a bit of a shock, all sticky uppy eyelashes which as first glance look really fake but after awhile they either a) settle down or b) I got used to it and decided they didn't look too bad after all. Either way, it was better than a) twenty fartarsey odd minutes wasted on eyelashes or b) perfect makeup looking less than perfect due to stupid straight lashes!

I've always been up for new lash tricks and have also succumbed to the lash extension but alas, hanging out washing in my trackies with all dressed up lashes and nowhere to go was a bit of an expensive indulgence which I had to let go of after the first refill. (Not to mention that pretty, long, curly lashes are apparently not as important as something like say, food and mortgage repayments)

However, I was hooked when it came to the lash curl; it's a subtle change with eye catching (pardon the pun) results.

Unfortunately when I had them done again a few months later , the perming solution didn't work, they stayed straight and I had to take comfort in the fact that they were pliable enough to curl the conventional way in a few seconds rather than the necessary 20 minutes.

Ho hum and so the journey continues...

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