Friday, August 14, 2015

Recommended Romance Reads and a Giveaway!

Who doesn't love to escape with a little bit of romance.   It's winter here in Australia and in my part of the country there hasn't been a great deal of snow but a lot of rain and hail - perfect weather for sitting indoors with a hot cup of coffee and warming myself up with hot (fictional) guys, beautiful and sunny surroundings and of course, a little bit of steam!

Here are some gorgeous stories that I really think you should check out!  Click on the titles to take you to the Amazon page for more information, and go to the end for your chance to win one of these great books.

Arielle Immortal Awakening

This is the first in the Immortal Rapture series by Lillian Roberts.  It been awhile since I read paranormal romance but this has definitely got me excited to start again.  is about a young girl who falls in love with a powerful Immortal guy, and of course there are those out to tear them apart.   I love the fact that this is set in the glorious South of France but the mystery and suspense surrounding this paranormal love story sounds amazing.

Tripped Up Love

This is the first novel in Julie Farley's The New Ever After Series and is a perfect introduction to new beginnings through the main character, Heather and how she deals with the idea of finding love again.  I read this one in almost one sitting - I only stopped for kids and dinner and stuff - the Adam Levine lookalike certainly helped - and I loved Heather and her family (the kids especially were so realistic it made me laugh out loud, when I wasn't busy being cranky at my own for making me put the book down).

Designing Samantha's Love

This book by PJ Fiala has me intrigued so I went to buy it only to realise I already had.   This is another book about new beginnings and new love and I was pleased to see that it involved a more mature couple with all the experience, baggage and character that goes with it.  This one also has the steamy scenes to warm you up on a cold, wet day.

Flirting With Magick

Of course it would be silly if I didn't recommend very own romance novel, Flirting with Magick where Abby does a little bit of a magick spell to try to get her love life in order which results in some wonderful and not so wonderful romance options.   If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd love it if you did. 

Enter to win one of these wonderful titles!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Five Months Till Forty. The Blog is getting an overhaul!

Actually it's more like six months till the big day but I'm currently very influenced by my almost ten year old's obsession with Five Nights at Freddy's and everything 'Five Nights at..." thereafter.  Plus it sounds better.

It is blatantly obvious that blogging most certainly isn't my forte (ha, pun?  Help me out here)  but it's not because there is nothing to say.    If you could somehow stream my thoughts onto a page,  I'd have a millions posts by now.    Actually, maybe that's not such a good idea.

What started as a lifestyle blog took on a life of its own and became primarily a writing and book blog after I released my first novel.  It was great for awhile but very soon all the other parts of my life were pushed aside and when it came time to write about other aspect of what was happening in my life, thoughts, and opinions it just seemed a little too contrived.

So this is the introduction of my overhauled blog.   And what better time than to coincide it with my fortieth year which includes a child starting high school, an overseas trip, some work to the house and garden, and of course more books.

Looking forward to the chat :)