Friday, June 3, 2011

Raising Stewie Griffin

It would appear my youngest, Mr Comedy wants me dead.    Firstly, about a week ago as I was getting out of the shower he said to me "Mummy, you're going to die!".
Because he's four years old, I understand that it was going to come up eventually so I replied brightly with "Yes, I will one day but not today!"

I knew for a fact that he hadn't been watching any TV that morning, nor was he pissy with me like he often is because I'm so mean and don't let him have chocolate first thing in the morning (I didn't let him have it that morning either, just sayin', but he really wasn't pissy with me at that point in time)

His answer:  "You're going to die and I'll have to get a new mummy."  Then he kind of laughed maniacally.

Oooookkkkkaaaaaaaay, not freaked out at all.


So I spent most of the week at home (being very careful to not do anything silly like handle knives more than necessary or stand on a wobbly chair)  due to being a tad concerned about meeting my demise should I leave the house.

Then the other day I'm putting some towels away in the linen cupboard and I hear in a quiet voice behind me, "I'm going to kill you."   I turn around and he's pointing his water bottle at me like a gun and grinning. Maniacally.

I'm hoping he's just trying to be funny.

**The title of this post for those who may not know 'The Family Guy' is related to the youngest in the family who schemes to kill his mother, Lois.  I'm sure most people do understand the reference in which case I'm wasting my time writing this.

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