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Flirting with Secrets (Book 2 in the Flirting with Magick Series) (2012 Nanowrimo Project) (Currently undergoing rewrites)  add to your Goodreads list here.

What's the secret of Winter Park?

Charley is over the moon when she buys her first unit in Winter Park, an apartment complex previously the ornate and famous Winter Hotel which was host to many a famous guest in decades past.  Her tragic love life takes a turn when her sister's hot client, musician Luke, and the cute Winter Park Cafe owner, Brad both show an interest in her, forcing her to move on from her painful past and break out of her comfort zone.

Soon strange things begin to happen.   Eerie noises are heard, sounds of movement in empty rooms and seeing people  who disappear as quickly as they appear in the courtyard and even in the window of Charley's apartment.

As the hauntings escalate, Charley makes a discovery that exposes the true grim history of Winter Park.  

Urban Fey - Avalon's Child
(NaNoWriMo 2011 project) (currently being rewritten)

The Fey are living in our world.   They look like us,  they walk among us, and we can't see who they really are.

Now the world they escaped is falling apart and those left behind or stolen back need to be saved.

And some of us can help.   More than we could ever know.

Urban Fey Book 2 - Between Worlds

Teen Mystery Romance - TBA 

The Fabulous Foodie Friends Fix Up - TBA

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