Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Lost Girly Girl

I finally watched the second Sex and The City movie recently, by myself, with some icecream. No, I wasn't fighting with my husband, he was downstairs playing his xbox -  of course.   The children were in bed, most likely dreaming about cowboys, dinosaurs or robots, and while I was fascinated by the many outfit changes of SJP and the girls, and admiring the gigantic wardrobe in Carrie and Big's apartment I realised how ungirly I've become.

In the last few years I've swapped skirts and high heels for trackies and flats, practical undies instead of sexy lingerie and although I was a makeup artist until recently, even my box full of makeup  brought me as much excitement as I'm sure a box of fish brings to a vegan. (sadly that makeup wasn't even technically for me. It was for 'clients' aka 'other people'. How much does that suck?)  It's not that I ever lived much of a SATC life, I was just well, more girly than I am now.

So what was this change?  I live with four boys; my husband and three sons, I don't have any daughters and as yet no nieces.  So I think perhaps many of the things I enjoyed  have taken a bit of a back seat, especially since I'm the only one in the house to enjoy them.

I first noticed when we decided as a family to go out to the closest big shopping centre.   Now a past shopping trip often would at least put me in nice, out of home clothes, makeup and brushed hair (I've never been one to style my hair - I prefer the sexy carefully-tousled-look-that-doesn't-look-like-I've-carefully-tousled-it thank you very much) but in the times since living with the boys I've barely had time to shower before I'm 'humphed' at for taking 'too long' - usually as I'm getting socks and shoes on as I haven't painted my toenails and my feet look like shit.  (Mind you, all four of my fellas walk past in sandals  - life is so unfair!) Makeup is a quick travel brush foundation, mascara and lip gloss at traffic lights.  Where's the love?

It appears I wasn't prioritising myself anymore. However after watching SATC2 (It's been quite some time since SATC1), as much as I've never been into wearing designer dresses or $400 shoes (holy crap they're nice but where would I wear them? Cleaning the loo perhaps?) I realised there was a part of me that I had let slip when absorbed in my day to day duties and hanging out with the boys.

Besides with all the unglamorous female shit I have to put up with I think I deserve it!  And I will make the boys under this roof understand that these things are very important indeed!  (If they give me any attitude I'll just take a cue from Samantha and pretend I'm hormonal! :)
Thanks Carrie and Co xx

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