Flirting With Magick

Booktrope Edition
Original / Self Published Cover

There is nothing like a love spell to help Abby Williams get over her broken heart. She is stuck in love rut and needs an out. A gorgeous rocker as a casual fling, a cute colleague who’s a little too mysterious, and a very apologetic ex–boyfriend are brought into her life and the spell appears to have worked a little too well... until it all falls apart. 

Emotions run high, secrets are exposed, and Abby is left wondering if she should have been flirting with magick all along.

Mature readers only.  Contains adult situations and themes,  and coarse language.  


Eventually the wine became too much for my bladder and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. On my way back I noticed the pub had thinned out, with most patrons having moved on. A familiar face at the bar caught my eye.

“Hi Robbie!” I exclaimed to the TV host I had met only a week earlier. As I did so, I missed the step up to the bar and suddenly found myself face down on the carpet, with the contents of my handbag flying everywhere. I managed to compose myself enough to keep talking(albeit a little too quickly), whilst picking up my belongings (why, oh why can’t I clean out my handbag more?).

“I’m Abby ... From Lancer Morris ... well, not anymore, I finished yesterday ... we met about a week ago.” I stood up. He replied by pointing to a lipstick and a tampon which had rolled under a barstool. “Um, thanks.” I picked them up, trying to ignore the stickiness of the floor, while wishing it would actually open up and swallow me. He then pointed to some loose change that had rolled all over the floor in different directions.


“Don’t you know how to help a lady out?” Scott appeared, glaring at Robbie. “Or are you just an arrogant turd?” He said it loudly enough to elicit a number of disgusted stares toward the TV host.

Robbie silently turned his back, downed the last of his drink, and motioned to his two friends who were chatting up some jailbait at the other end of the bar. “Shit band anyway.” He muttered under his breath before slinking out of the room.

“Are you okay?” Scott crouched next to me and dropped some of the rogue coins into my bag.

I picked up a condom from under his feet. “Um, I don’t have this because I’m a slut ... I don’t actually...” I began, then popped it irritably back in my bag and turned to thank him, feeling my cheeks grow red as I realised his face was only centimetres from mine. I could smell the masculine aroma of pine scented soap mingled with the smoke and beer of the pub, and see the smoothness of his recently shaven skin. As our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat, the previous night’s spell fast tracked its way through my head. Could it be working this quickly? Could it be him? I held my breath, unsure of what to do or what his next move was, but not wanting to spoil the moment.

“Hey, Scotty. We’re dying of thirst over here.” Nathan, who had impeccable timing, broke the magic.

Scott stood up, pulling me with him. He ran a hand through his hair and placed his order at the bar while I headed back to the table, my knees still shaking.


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What readers have said so far...

Hey chick, just wanted to let u know I just finished ur book and ABSOLUTELY
L. O. V. E. D. it !!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for trusting me to read your pride and joy, you are an amazingly talented writer and should be so so proud of such a massive achievement! I'm waiting for the sequel now!!!!
Well done and congratulations xxxxxxx 
 LSS via Facebook

 I've started reading your far....I'm FREAKING LOVING IT!!  NM via Facebook

Finished reading your novel. Loved it. Great characters...and gosh the shit Abby had to go through! NM via Facebook

By the way, love the book. i cant put it down. have less than 100 pages to read and cant wait to see who she ends up with.  BR via Facebook