About this blog

What is this blog about?

I've tried before but could not make this blog about one thing.  So far it's about my biggest loves: family, my home and writing.  Sometimes it's about beauty and fashion. Sometimes it's about books. Maybe it will also be about music, films and TV shows.  It might be about food. Or spirituality.

We will see.

Why is this blog called 'A Broom With A View' when you don't talk about brooms or even talk much about your views?

I started this blog to become a cross between my previous blogs 'Buff Mineral Cosmetics' which was a beauty related blog and 'The Lazy Pagan' which was a spirituality based blog.

The broom analogy was created from the pagan /witch symbology but it can also symbolise home life and in a roundabout way, a makeup brush.  'View' is just my thoughts on things.  It was actually a title my husband came up with and I just simply liked it.

My blog topics became so much more diverse and those two subjects got pushed down. However, I may bring them up from time to time, just so that the title stays relevant.

Do you look like your avatar?

A little.  I have black-ish hair and I drink coffee and read books.  I don't wear roll neck jumpers though - they look shit on me.

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