Monday, September 27, 2010

Trying to write but not blog

I admit it, I'm a shitty blogger. Hopefully that doesn't make me a terrible writer. I've written a couple of short stories in the last few weeks, worked on some plotlines for my novel ideas and typed down a part chapter or two. It's been difficult, but rewarding and incredibly enjoyable. It's currently school holidays and I've got all three kids at home full time. The stop / start of writing is the hardest part, having a wonderful line in my head, only to have it thwarted and vanquished with a loud 'maaaaaahhhhh-uuuuuuum!!' coming from the other end of the house or more often, right next to me. (I've had to get up about 5 times to the sound of that word since beginning this post!)

Better quit and post this while I'm ahead, and get back to some more fiction.

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