Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Middle Finger, Justice Crew and Singing (and rapping) for your Supper (and Weenuses)

Last night was a fairly unusual affair.     Dinner wasn't the regular meal where there is often a lot of yelling (Mr Xbox) crying (me - because I've spent "all day"(last half hour) cooking this (vaguely) "nutritious" meal for the family to "enjoy"(shut up and eat).   Mr Comedy usually looks at it and says he's full which roughly translates to 'not eating this shit'.   Mr Maker thinks that the more he talks, the more we won't realise it's a ruse to not having eaten anything, and Mr Paleo manages to spread his food around the plate to make it look like he eaten more than he has.

Anyway the first surprise of the day was that everyone was enjoying the food - probably because we were all eating different things: Fried rice with leftover roast for myself and Mr Xbox.   Mr Paleo and Mr Maker were finishing off the tuna casserole that they actually liked from the other night, and Mr Comedy wanted his new favourite pasta, meat ravioli - usually plain but this time he had the gross wonderful idea of pouring half a bottle of sweet chilli sauce on it in some sort of italian / asian fusion dish.   At least he ate it.

But the weirder stuff was the conversation.

A lengthy discussion about the Middle Finger led to the decision that it will be banned from this house (to go with the previous banning of the words: stupid, idiot, moron, hate, loser, fat as well as the usual swear words).  However it was decided that in the event of a demon killing two people and then attempting to steal your burger, the middle finger is appropriate in this case.   Thanks Mr Maker!

Mr Paleo challenges Mr Xbox and myself to sing if he  'lays down some phat beats'.   We both refuse because neither of us can sing, we can't be bothered, it is dinner time.

Mr Maker is all about Justice Crew at the moment, so I'm not so subtly dropping hints about dance classes.  No go at this stage.  He's more interested the video for 'Everybody' where they teleport to the party from their work.   Mr Xbox is just confused because he still thinks the song 'Everybody' belongs to The Backstreet Boys.

  Personally, I prefer the video for 'Boom Boom', particularly from about 3.05 onwards. Wink wink.

Anyway, Mr Maker launches into song which prompts Mr Comedy to do the same as some sort of sing-off.  You both win, seriously.    I'm not so cannot really say if it's good or bad.

Giving up on the song,  Mr Maker decides to go the rapping route where he rhymes cool, rule and drool as in "I'm so cool, so I rule, but I don't drool" or something.  And then rhymes 'awesome' with 'possum' which strangely seems to work.

Not wishing to be left out, Mr Paleo announces "I'm slowly rubbing my weenus."  Look it up, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

Then Mr Maker starts singing a song about a Rock 'n' Roll Spleen while playing air bass guitar.

Mr Comedy has actually been a little quiet but goes over to Mr Xbox to tell him something.   Mr Maker then proceeds to interrupt just to tell Mr Comedy that "it's rude to interrupt and could he please stop doing it."

So that concludes our slightly more unusual dinner.    And now back to our regular program.

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