Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Submissions, Signs and Signatures AKA I've just signed with Booktrope!

It's funny how something you don't think about too much, that you just do on a whim, can lead you into a whole new direction.

Booktrope are a publishing company based in Seattle who have pioneered a concept called Team Publishing.    You get many of the benefits of self-publishing but with the support of a traditional publisher.

It started when a post from Sarka-Jonae Miller (Book Spotlight coming soon)  arrived on my newsfeed asking for  self-published authors looking for a book deal.     I have really only submitted my work a handful of times, not actively seeking deals (and of course having no luck)  but figured there was nothing to lose so put Flirting with Magick through.

This was my mindset throughout the experience:

Day 1-6

Submitted book.   Not really thinking too much about it at this stage.    Would be nice to get through but plans are already in place and nothing will change if nothing happens.   Have received some info but of course I don't want to get too involved.  They might not take it and I don't want to get myself all worked up!

Day 7

Sarka replies saying she enjoyed it (Yay!) and would be happy to refer it.   (Yes please).   It's great that it got past that first screening.   But I'm not going to think too much about it.

Day 8-9

Still not going to think too much about it, but having been reading all about it and it sounds pretty good.

Day 10

Get an email from Jesse James Freeman, the Community Manager, after Sarka e-introduced us.   He gives me more information which I'm trying not to think about nor get too excited about because really, it's fine if they don't take my book.    I ask some questions but they are pretty lame, and contact Facebook friends and booktrope authors Patricia Mann (excerpt and guest post coming up)  and Meredith Schorr who have also both recently featured on my blog (that's a sign, right?) They both tell me that Booktrope is wonderful!

Day 14

Haven't heard for a few days.     I consult some free tarot readings and psychic signs to see if it tells me anything.

Day 15

Get an email from Jesse apologising as he has been away but that my manuscript is still being reviewed.  (Arrgh) That's cool.   I'm not fussed.   (Yeah, ok, I'm a little anxious)   But I do ask a few more (better) questions.    Do another online psychic reading, even though I really don't care. Really. OK, I do.  A little bit.   I haven't done tarot or readings in years!  They're fun.

Day 16

Wake up to an email and it's the answers to my questions.    Jesse is sounding very positive but I don't want to read into it.  Read email to my husband and friends to see if they can overanalyse as well as I can.  (They can)

Day 17

Wake to an email asking about my full name.  I squee but hold it in and send back a very formal and cool reply like 'yes, that is correct.'  Because it's still not a yes and might be very simply a formalised 'no', possibly.

Later that day:

Receive an email asking if I would accept a contract.    I sit on it for a bit, as though  the chances are there that I might not and I get asked this all the time.   Then I accept, a contract is sent through, and I sign it.

The End

Actually that is just the beginning!    Sarka will be my book manager and I will select a team to help with the re-release of Flirting with Magick!    Well tell you more soon.  

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