Friday, May 17, 2013

FWM Alternative POV - not in the book :)

This excerpt has been making the rounds on blogs but what not many have seen is the same scene from Scott's point of view.    Enjoy!

Jared Leto - Kind of how I picture Scott :)

“You’re up, Scotty!” Luke chucked a five dollar note at me even though it was my shout.  
I threw it back at him as I passed and headed to the bar.  I was surprised to see Abby down on her hands and knees on the floor.    She was chatting away which seemed a bit strange,  and then I noticed some  prettyboy douche bag who was standing at the bar just pointing at the ground. Why the fuck wasn’t he helping her?   She had obviously tripped over, stuff had fallen out of her bag and he was a dickhead.   The guy looked vaguely familiar but I was more concerned about the obvious humiliation on Abby’s face.   Now I just wanted to punch him in his smug mouth.

“Don’t you know how to help a lady out?  Or are you just an arrogant turd?”  I glared at him and crouched down to grab some coins that were out of Abby’s reach.  I heard him mumbling something about a shit band as he shuffled off and I could only assume he was talking about us.   Yeah, whatever.  Ask the two hundred or so people who saw us tonight, idiot.  Keep walking.  Where the fuck have I seen him before?

 “Are you okay?” I asked Abby as I dropped the money into her purse.

She reached between my feet and picked up a condom.   “I don’t have this because I’m a slut.  I don’t actually…” she sighed with frustration and threw it back into her bag before turning to look at me. 

 She smelt sweet and fruity but I wasn’t sure if it was some perfume she was wearing or the wine she’d been drinking.     Her face seemed to redden even more and I had to admit it was pretty cute.  I wasn’t sure if she was digging me but was inclined to think it was most likely the embarrassment she’d just been through or probably the alcohol.  All of a sudden the only thing I could think about was that condom and how I could try to get to use it that night. 
“Hey Scotty, we’re dying of thirst over here.”  Fucking Nathan and his wonderful timing.   I stood up, pulling Abby up with me and she headed back to the table.

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