Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolutions Suck (alternative title: I Need to Stop Signing Up for Things)

I start every year with the same resolution as everyone else.  To get fit and get rid of some extra body fat.

Other resolutions include:

-Get something I'm writing in some sort of finished format (first draft, less shitty second draft, the phenomenal third draft that becomes the subject of many a bidding war between publishing houses - I can dream, can't I?),
-Get my house into a state of organisation and tranquility.  Bwahahahahaahahahahaha.
-Learn a new language (I start this at various times throughout the year.  Not very likely to happen. Then I'll watch another French movie and want to do it again.  Perhaps I should just watch everything in French?

Most of the time I get to the end of January with a to-do list and my best intentions, and finalise the year with not much more.  But of course, this year will be different!

So far this year I have signed up for:
12x12 in 2012 Picture Book Challenge  (Yep.  Will keep you posted. Still need to get into the Picture Book Zone)
1 Million Kilo Challenge (Looking good so far considering it starts on 30 Jan - it helps to do it with friends)
One Hundred Pushups  (Went from 2 to 5 - so far so good)
Two  Hundred Squats  (Somehow started at 60 so beginning at week 3 - I'm still gobsmacked!)
Day Zero Project -101 Things in 1001 days - thank you Nina @ http://ninadangelo.blogspot.com/ 
for telling me about this.
The beauty of the last is that I won't get to the end of this year and think 'oh crap, nothing's changed' as it gives you a little more time and it's nice to tick things off, big or small as you go.   It's a great place to put all your goals and not necessarily have the guilt associated with resolutions and the new year.

As far as fitness goes,  right now I'm probably the heaviest I've ever been without being pregnant.  I could use some toning more than anything as I have put on weight proportionately and I'm a naturally curvy woman.  I have started the year off well by walking with friends and we have all signed up for the 1 Million Kilo Challenge and I have also started both the 100 Pushups and 200 Squats apps I added to my iphone.   Right now I'm loving the initial enthusiasm that always comes in January, we're eating well - wholegrains, the fridge is stocked with fruit and veg, dinner is lean meat or fish and some sort of salad, but I'm just waiting for the carb cravings and complacency to hit.   Hopefully I can stave or fight them off this time around.

I think that's enough to last me for the time being.

Wish me luck.   Please.  I'll need it.