Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye and Thank You 2011

I just wanted to shout out the achievements of my family in 2011.

Mr Xbox put his hand up to be a cub leader and is currently undergoing training.   Hopefully in 2012 we'll be able to bring cubs back to our town rather than travel to the neighbouring town's Scout Hall.

Mr Paleo completed grade 3 and a huge achievement for him this year was his participation and major role in his school's J-Rock entry.    He also joined the local Cubs group which was the catalyst for Mr Xbox to join himself.

See the dance here  (he's the bug wearing the crown)

Mr Maker completed and loved his first year of school!   He'll be an even bigger school boy in 2012 and not one of the littlies!  His adjustment to school has been fantastic and he seems to be well liked by his teachers and peers.   I think he saves his attitude for after school's finished. 

Mr Comedy completed three year old kindergarten.   Off to four year old kindy next year and preparation for big school!  His speech and toileting have also come along in droves.   He is very much a fast growing little man.

My own achievements this year were obviously my two first drafts, completing my first NaNoWriMo and I'm also very proud to have participated in the school PFA and kindergarten committee.

So thank you to 2011 for being kind to us and here's to a fabulous 2012!  (I'll be the one slumped on the couch drinking the homemade Baileys.)

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